August Student of the Month: Desiré Anastasia-Cartwright

photoCongratulations to Desiré Anastasia-Cartwright for becoming our August Student of the Month! Her amazing attitude along with her dedicated practice on and off the mat makes her an amazing example to our community. Say “hi” to this lovely lady next time you see her at the studio.


” I began practicing yoga because of its holistic, therapeutic, and athletic qualities.  I am an avid hiker and find myself more easily navigating the steep grades of Colorado mountains thanks to my yoga-induced core and leg strength, as well as my training on how to slow the breath. I also find yoga to be incredibly therapeutic, as it calms any stress, anxiety, anger, or sadness that I may be personally experiencing. Not only does yoga provide me with the fitness that I both require and desire, but it provides me with mental and emotional well-being on top of it. I began going to The Yoga Mat because I believe in supporting neighborhood businesses and I desperately wanted to pick yoga back up after a fairly lengthy hiatus. After only a couple of classes I fell in love with the space, the instructors (especially Erin Hardy!), my fellow ‘classmates’ and my practice. Being named Student of the Month for August fills me with immense gratitude because, really, I feel that I should be honoring The Yoga Mat for changing my life. Namaste. ”

Desiré Anastasia-Cartwright


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