June Student of the Month: Dorothy Bensusan

photoCongrats to Dorothy on becoming our June Student of the Month! Dorothy has been practicing yoga with us since the VERY beginning (a whole 3.5 years ago)! Her dedication to our small business along with her practice makes her one hell of a friend and yogi! Say hi to her in the 7am yoga classes or stop by and pay her a visit at her and her husbands ceramic gallery on Brighton Blvd. Check them out here: http://plinthgallery.com/

Dorothy’s Story

” My first yoga experience was well over 30 years ago – and I was not impressed. Nope, and I had no intention at the time of adding yoga to my fitness routine, ever.  Until years and many trail miles later, when a running coach suggested in the kindest way, that I consider yoga, it had something to do with aging and maintaining flexibility.  So I gritted my teeth and found a yoga class specifically for runners, where I discovered it wasn’t so bad after all.   This class was in Littleton, and when I moved to the RiNo neighborhood in 2009, it was just too far to drive.  One snowy winter day I saw a notice about a new yoga studio opening, so I went to check it out.  The location had the most horrible, uneven, cold concrete floor and the space was not the least bit comfortable for a yoga class.  But the instructor was incredibly energetic and knowledgeable, with a promise for a new studio space soon, and on that day I discovered Erin and the Yoga Mat.  

Since then, I have seen more classes and several new instructors added to the schedule, and watched the studio make not just one but two moves to accommodate the growing membership.  It has been wonderful to watch Erin continue to expand the studio and its’ following, as well as make a number of significant life changes for herself.  I have attended events and participated in a variety of workshops which have all helped me maintain an enthusiasm for my own practice.  Poses that once seemed next to impossible I can now complete, and while some days are definitely better than others, I have gained a deep personal satisfaction in accomplishing a new or more difficult pose.  Yoga helps me recover after my long trail runs, and yes I really am more flexible!  (Now, if I can just get a handle on the aging part…)  
Most of my weekdays start with an hour at the Yoga Mat, and the regular morning group has become an important part of my daily routine.  I still love my trail runs, but have discovered that yoga allows me to maintain a greater focus during the day when I have to skip a run, and I can tell when I miss a day.  I have overcome that long-ago first impression of Yoga and met my inner yogi, and I now have every intention of continuing my practice. Namaste! “

— Dorothy Bensusan


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