May Student of the Month: Stacey Hoksbergen

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Stacey is the perfect example of a positive person. Her practice reflects her ability to see the good in even the hardest poses and believe it or not, she’s normally smiling in her practice. After she completed the 30 day challenge back in March I expected for most participants to take a break while Stacey made it back to her mat for days on end. Her commitment to her practice and her amazing spirit make her a great choice for our May Student of the Month. Say “hi” next time you see her smiling face on the mat!

Stacey’s Story

” For years when my friends would ask me to go to a yoga class I would give them the “are you seriously asking me this question again?” look and then give a very strong no. However, about four months ago I decided I would try just one class. One class turned into a week of classes, a week of classes turned into a month of classes and four months later yoga has become such a crucial part of my lifestyle. My mat has become the one place that I can be quiet and no one is expecting anything of me. It also has become a place where my stress level has decreased significantly. I have been encouraged to push myself and not let fear keep me trapped in what is comfortable. I am also more in tune with my body. When something is sore or tight I now know what I can do to relieve that rather than simply holding on until its over. And I know my limits. 
I have particularly loved practicing at The Yoga Mat. I love walking into a class where the instructor greets me by my first name. I love the different styles of teaching that are represented by the instructors. I appreciate the willingness of the instructors to answer questions about how to make my practice better and the encouragement given throughout class that helps me hold for just one more breath. From starting my yoga practice four months ago, The Yoga Mat community has been an awesome place to explore and grow in my practice. It is a place where people come from all walks of life with the same goal- to take care of themselves and explore places they have never been before.” 
— Stacey Hoksbergen



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