April Student of the Month: Randy Johnson


Congrats to my buddy and fellow yogi, Randy Johnson on becoming the April Student of the Month! Randy has made one amazing transformation since first meeting him. He came to us with a terribly sore back, limited range of motion and feelings of doubt about his overal health. His hard work, dedication, and willingness to try any pose with attention to detail and alignment has made his practice strong and his love of yoga insatiable. It’s inspiring to watch his journey on the mat and I have no doubt that he will be practicing for a lifetime. Check out his story of how he came to find yoga and how it has change his life below.

Randy’s Story

“I began my journey with yoga in November of 2011, seeking relief from lower back pain that was preventing me from leading the active life I desired. For years I learned to ‘deal’ with it and modified my lifestyle, bit by bit, to accommodate. One day, I finally grew tired of coping and decided it was time for a permanent solution. Upon the wise suggestion of a close friend and devout yogi, I found my way to The Yoga Mat. 

From the moment I opened my eyes after my first Savasana I was hooked. I left class feeling invigorated and alive – and for once, a workout didn’t feel like a workout. I loved that I could check all my baggage at the door: to-do lists, relationships, uncertainty about the future – and just be in the moment. I soon discovered that yoga brought a much-needed balance to my life.

As I look back, I am amazed at how much my practice has evolved over the past year and a half. Having recently completed the 30-day yoga challenge in March, I feel more drawn to my mat than ever before. 

Yoga has transformed my life in many positive ways. It continues to be the rock that keeps me grounded and has prepared me to take on anything. Not only am I in better shape than when I started, I feel better than I have ever felt. My practice has fueled an interest in nutrition and healthy living. I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I am more patient (something I have always struggled with), kind and self-aware.  Oh, and low back pain is now a thing of the past. I guess I got a little bit more than I bargained for. Namaste.” 

— Randy Johnson

Want to become our next student of the month?

To be in the running we have to see you in class 10+ times the month before. You receive your photo and yoga quote on our blog and Facebook pages, $5 off the next yoga package of your choice and your yoga practice will improve by showing up on your mat!



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