March Student of the Month: Sarah Afanou

photoThis month we honor a student that works hard both on her mat and in life. Sarah is a mother, a wife, a student, an employee of a demanding job and an amazing yogi.  Sarah has been a regular at our studio for a long time. She’s determined to push herself every class and make the most of the hour. Watching her from our first private lesson together to now, I am continuously impressed and in awe of her evolving practice.

Next time you see her in class, say, “hey,” and tell you admire her for all she does. She’s pretty rad.

Sarah’s Story

“Well I won’t lie it’s pretty cool to be yoga student of the month, especially when I see all the other awesome yogi’s show up to their mat on a regular basis with me!

I’ve only been practicing yoga for about a year and a half and all that time with Erin at The Yoga Mat.  I decided I needed to do something for me after going back to grad school while being full-time night and weekend nurse and a stay-at-home mom during the day to a rowdy 3 year-old.  I had done it all before yoga: aerobics, running (hated that), and Crossfit.  Nothing made me feel good when I was done and I had to force myself to workout each time.  My husband encouraged me to find something I liked, and thought I should give yoga a shot.  After doing a Yelp search I found The Yoga Mat was close by and had an awesome special with 2 private classes and 2 weeks unlimited so I decided to try it (I encourage anyone new to yoga to try this first since it gives you a feel for what your class will be like and the personal attention allows you to understand the pose and go at your own pace).  I was super nervous to start but Erin was an excellent teacher and I found it easy to follow her cues to find the right position.  

Making it to my mat for an hour during the day is something I crave and I find myself out of sorts when I don’t get the chance to practice.  I enjoy taking that hour to focus on something I truly enjoy doing and continue to push myself to sit deeper in the pose, focus on my breath, sweat a little (actually a lot), and as Erin always says smile.  I’m anxious and excited to participate in this year’s 30 day challenge, and look forward to see how much my practice and my body changes during that time!  It’s great to practice with such an awesome group of yogis who encourage each other and keep me coming back to my mat each week! Namaste.”

— Sarah Afanou


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