30 Day Yoga Challenge Kicks Off Friday 3/1

318740_10151337850753804_1227641119_nOur 2nd 30 Day Yoga Challenge kicks off this Friday 3/1!  If you want to participate let me know by emailing me at ontheyogamat@gmail.com.

The rules:

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge starts this Friday, March 1st – Sunday, March 31st (yep, you have one freebie day to use as you see fit 😉

Make it to 30 classes within that time. If you are sick, out of town or just don’t feel like it one day just be sure to double up somewhere else in the month to make up for it.

Sign up for classes in advance. As you guys know, we’ve been super busy so PLEASE SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASSES AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS YOU CAN.

April 1st I will announce 1 person that wins a free month of yoga, you must have completed the 30 day challenge to win.

I’ll also be sending out inspirational / encouraging emails throughout the month. Please let me know if you would like to be removed from the email list.


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