October Student of the Month: Kathy Andres

ImageCongrats Kathy Andres on your big accomplishment! Kathy’s practice is unbelievably patient and controlled. She takes her time, moves with her breath and finds calm and quiet in her practice. I normally see Kathy every weekday either in the 9am or 12pm class. Her commitment to taking a timeout for herself even amidst a hectic work day makes her a more grounded co-worker, friend, wife and mother. She’s always going out of her way to get to know the yogis around her and she seems to find a real peace in her practice. Next time you see her in class, say hi!

// Kathy’s Story //

“Wow! Thanks Erin. Yoga has been part of my life since the 90’s when I actually started Pilates with a friend. That transcended into Yoga classes soon after. Yoga became a life change both physically and psychologically rewarding. The challenges I took on were inspiring to me personally. As time moved on and more challenges arose, as life does, I was unable to practice Yoga at the level I had accomplished. Feeling like I had lost a best friend, I was looking for the answer when all I needed to do was look outside the front door……really….the front door. There across the street was a simple sign that said “The Yoga Mat”. Taking the opportunity to start over, I walked in and the feeling was inspirational. Setting new goals for me has been exciting and intimidating. Being years older has given me new challenges to accept and has pushed me to try even things I never thought I’d be able to do. I go to work every day anticipating the yoga class that I will attend and think…what will I discover today? Erin has brought focus back to my crazy schedule and she makes Yoga motivating and fun. I look forward to more fulfilling days of “Down dog” and Chaturanga Dandasana. The rewards are immeasurable for myself and I encourage all to give it a try.    Namaste.”

— Kathy Andres

Want to become our next student of the month?

To be in the running we have to see you in class 10+ times the month before. You receive your photo and yoga quote on our blog and Facebook pages, $5 off the next yoga package of your choice and your yoga practice will improve by showing up on your mat!


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