September Student of the Month: Tom Diess

Congrats to Tom Diess for being our September Student of the Month! Tom is about as dedicated as they come, making it to every early morning yoga class we have and always with a smile. He’s been known to say “he craves coming” and without it he feels different. Having a healthy addiction like yoga makes his days a little lighter and less stressful. Look out for Tom in class and say “hi” next time. He’s a great yogi and friend!

// TOM’S STORY // 

“My new found yoga practice helps to keep me calm. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad for keeping this almost half century old bag a bones fit either, but the relaxation is what I need. I work hard to keep stress out of my life, and that can be very stressful. Over the years I have accumulated many possessions, pets, projects, and obligations.
All of which have their good and bad sides. A house and yard are a @#*%ing pain in the ass to maintain, but I get a certain satisfaction in looking around at all I have accomplished. I have three dogs (how this happened I don’t know) who are wonderful companions and also giant pains in my ass, a business that I have run for the past 19 years which has brought me a lot of satisfaction as well as a schedule and a life that are all my own causes me to loose sleep like nothing else lately, and children, well you know, they drive you nuts but you love em. Since my mid 30’s I have always tried to have some sort of physical routine in my life to keep me sane and healthy. At some point your mind begins to write checks that your body just can’t cash and a routine becomes a necessity. I’ve gotten into a few, daily gym workouts, running, biking, all with what I like to call my “Fat Elvis” periods sandwiched in between. These are periods of time ( sometimes 6 to 8 month) where I watch too much TV, each everything in sight, and exercise not at all. I never notice how crummy I feel until I get back into a new exercise gig. The last FE period ended while in Costa Rica at a yoga retreat where I noticed what a fat @#*% I had become. I was also introduced to yoga and what would become my new THING. Upon my return to Colorado last April, I e-mailed Erin about joining theyogamat. She assured me that yoga virgins were welcome, and it has been an absolutely fantastic part of my life ever since. I love starting every day on my mat. It keeps me fit. It helps me stay calm, and I’m keeping stress at arms length.”
— Tom Diess

Want to become our next student of the month?

To be in the running we have to see you in class 10+ times the month before. You receive your photo and yoga quote on our blog and Facebook pages, $5 off the next yoga package of your choice and your yoga practice will improve by showing up on your mat!


One response to “September Student of the Month: Tom Diess

  1. Tom I really enjoy seeing you every morning, you are always so bright and smiling. 🙂

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