February Student of the Month: Kay Galligan

Congratulations Kay Galligan for becoming our February Student of the Month! Kay was a very easy choice for so many reasons. Aside from being an amazing person with an incredibly sweet and caring personality, she’s also an amazing yogi. Kay’s attention to detail and alignment in every pose is amazing to watch. Her graceful practice along with her strong dedication to show-up on her mat ready for any challenge made her a no-brainer. I’ve been amazed at Kay’s strength, poise and passion to learn in numerous classes and look forward to many sessions to come. See Kay’s inspirational story of finding yoga and how it has changed her daily life below.


“I can’t believe how much I’ve become hooked on Yoga now.

Just about a year ago I could barely move my head from side to side.  If I turned my head even 5 degrees I would have shooting pain running through my neck.  I had numbness running down my arm to my fingers and I was constantly in pain.  At night I couldn’t lay in bed in any position other than flat on my back with my head straight toward the ceiling and trying to sleep was torture.  Sitting at work was even more painful.

In addition to seeing my doctor and a spine doctor, I tried everything to get rid of the pain. I saw chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and a rolfer many times.  I was spending hundreds of dollars a week to seek relief from the pain.  Finally after 4 months of continuous pain in my neck and numbness running down my arm, my doctor ordered an MRI, which showed I had disc compression at C6 & C7.

To seek relief from the pain I even had spinal Steroid injections (twice).  Nothing worked!  I believed I was going to be in this extreme pain for the rest of my life.

Just a couple months after my Architectural office moved to 30th & Larimer (in the midst of my painful months), the Yoga Mat opened up across the street.  I heard stories about other people who did yoga and how it helped them and thought maybe I should give it a try.

Because I wanted to be very careful about not injuring myself further and make my pain worse, the first classes I took at the Yoga Mat were Erin’s private lessons where she taught me how to do the moves with proper form and alignment of my body.  Within the first three days of class I started to feel results: I could start turning my head slightly while sleeping; and the pain was becoming less. I was so-o-o happy and amazed.  Nothing else was working, so I desperately attended every class possible since then.

I feel 99% better now, and I find that as long as I keep up with Yoga on daily basis the pain stays away.  The added bonus is the class itself.  I just love everybody there, from the instructors to the people who attend.  It’s a great group of people to be friends with.  I’m totally into Yoga now and wonder why I didn’t start it earlier.  Well, at least here I am, enjoying it so much and enjoying my life much more as a result.”

– Kay Galligan

Want to become our next student of the month?

To be in the running we have to see you in class 10+ times the month before. You receive your photo and yoga quote on our blog and Facebook pages, $5 off the next yoga package of your choice and your yoga practice will improve by showing up on your mat!


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