January Student of the Month: Sami Jo Lien

Please help me congratulate our first 2012 Student of the Month, Sami Jo Lien! I chose Sami because she is unbelievably dedicated to her practice, so much so that when she recently had to travel she emailed asking for yoga sequences she could work on while away. Not only is she dedicated but she’s encouraging and supportive to other students around her. Her bubbly and great sense of humor on and off the mat make her a pleasure to see every time she walks in the studio. Make sure to say “hi” and “congrats” next time you see her. She’s typically upfront, smiling and working on her killer headstand.

– Erin (Teacher @ The Yoga Mat)

” I used to  practice yoga 2-4 times a week in college, and somehow lost touch over the years. I reconnected in 2011 around September and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m a serious long-distance walker and usually cover 6-9 miles five or six days a week, which means I often have a sore lower back and hips. Adding in yoga 3-4 times per week has eased muscle tension immensely by stretching and strengthening my core, legs and back.  Additionally, my family has always joked that we all have weeny arms, and now I am doing poses I would have never thought possible. Yoga makes me feel like superwoman.  🙂

Along with physical benefits, comes what is most important to me – inner balance. The last six months has been really stressful and getting into the studio has made me so much stronger – outside and in. Regular practice has helped me avoid a lot of emotional ups and downs so I can stay happy, healthy and focused on the big picture. I’ve always thought if you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t pay it forward to anyone else in your life. Erin and the community at ‘The Mat’ really support and encourage this – and for something that offers such a serious benefit – I always have a blast in class (I’m probably the girl you hear laughing way too loudly up front).”

– Sami Jo Lien

Want to become our next student of the month?

To be in the running we have to see you in class 10+ times the month before. You receive your photo and yoga quote on our blog and Facebook pages, $5 off the next yoga package of your choice and your yoga practice will improve by showing up on your mat so many times!



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