Definition of Vinyasa

The Yoga Mat is known as a vinyasa studio and a lot of times that can be interrupted to mean that we are a fast-paced flowing class that caters to intermediate or advanced yogis. However, breaking down the word vinyasa may change your perspective. The Sanskrit translation for vinyasa breaks down into nyasa meaning “to place” and vi “in a special way.” So instead of imagining your vinyasa class as “rushed” or “quick” try flipping your perspective and notice how each movement starts and ends with your intention, each action deliberate, and each breath catered to how your body is moving in space. Like many Sanskrit words, vinyasa is a term that has many meanings but I challenge you to think of your entire day including both your thoughts and actions as a vinyasa. How do you move and guide your thoughts with intention even in the simplest tasks? Try it out. It’ll make for an epic day 🙂


One response to “Definition of Vinyasa

  1. It is definitely a breath of fresh air to be reminded of the real meaning of Vinyasa. A fast pace doesn’t make it a better toga practice, in fact sometimes the slower the better as long as each posing is placed in a beneficial order. Really enjoy your blog and look forward to continue reading!

    Namaste : )
    Half Moon

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