Coming Soon: Thai Massage at The Yoga Mat

I’m happy to announce that The Yoga Mat will soon be offering Thai Massage with our Thai Massage Therapist, Lynda Sandoval. A great way to relax pre or post yoga class and makes an amazing gift!

Thai Massage can relieve stress, improve immunity, aid digestion, relax tight muscles, prevent injury and even aid in sleeping. Often called the “lazy man’s yoga,” a Thai session generally takes place on a large padded mat on the floor. Therapists use a mix of massage, yoga, acupressure and stretching to open the body physically and energetically. Unlike other forms of massage, you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and although you’re relaxed, you’re fully involved during a treatment, breathing and communicating with the therapist as they gently contort and knead your body.


1 hour / $65
90-minutes / $90


Three 1-hour massages / $180
Three 90-minute massages / $245

To book an appointment email


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