The Best Part

Leading students through final Svasana is my favorite part of being a yoga teacher. After a long class of sweat, shaking muscles, and hurdling expectations, fears, and doubts, I watch my students slowly move into relaxation. Some are more reluctant than others to let go, allowing their muscles to release, slowly creating a deep, long lasting impression on their mat as they close their eyes. Eventually, I see their fingers twitching and breath slow and I know they have let go of their to-do lists.  This random cross-section of adults doesn’t need to talk about what they do for a living, if they are married or divorced, mention if they have kids, or own a house. They don’t need to friend you on Facebook or compare ages and incomes, we can all  just lay on our mats, eyes closed, vulnerable, and quiet. They’ve all chosen this class, on this particular day, at this particular time, and now these Denverites are calm. I sit on my mat cross-legged feeling confident and grateful that I have the best job in the world.

Once I start to wake them up, I watch them let out a large sigh as if they’ve been dying to let it out for years.  Slowly they make their way up to a seated postion, their heads look heavy as they slowly place their hands on top of their tired thighs. I have them sit for a moment and reflect on what it feels like to be still, to listen to the breath and to remember how they felt when they first unrolled their mats. We sit and breathe. I can see the space between their eyebrows crinkle — they are deep in thought and for some,  I get a sense that they feel reconnected to themselves, their bodies and those around them. I ask them to thank their bodies for being able to practice …we inhale and exhale together, …I watch their shoulders drop …we are content.


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