Chasing the White Rabbit

I recently saw the new Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland and noticed I felt some odd similarities to the main character. I never felt compelled by the story when I was a kid, but somehow at the age of 26 it finally made sense.

This past year has been a trippy unexplainable daydream. From living in New York, blindly following my bland day-to-day routine and clearly loosing my “muchness” to unexplainably chasing my own relentless white rabbit all the way to Denver, CO.  I’ve woken up to find myself in new city with mountains in place of subway stops, new friends…some as crazy as the mad hatter, and of course a new business that keeps me playful and childishly happy. Some people could easily say that this abrupt life change is the equivalent of falling down the rabbit hole. I like to think of it as a graceful fall, but who knows. As my yogi friends would say, I was just experiencing “tapas” or sanskrit for “the willingness to endure intensity in the name of self-transformation”. And I guess that’s exactly what it was. I feel different than I did before, I feel happy, healthy, and blessed to have such great friends and family. The “willingness” to explore has lead me to a whole new reality and I am happy to have stumbled upon it. Now that I’ve finally arrived I’m not sure what I do from here and find myself waiting for that annoying but charismatic cheshire cat to appear and lead me to next step? And what is the next step? Maybe I’ll take Tim Burton’s advice and think of 6 impossible things before breakfast. Guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and hope I don’t trip down another rabbit hole anytime soon.

I’m ready to make this place a home.


2 responses to “Chasing the White Rabbit

  1. Yay! So glad we were in that rabbit hole waiting for you to fall into it 🙂

  2. “The willingness to endure intensity in the name of self-transformation.”

    …I love that

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