The Reindeer Never Get Enough Credit

It’s the eve of our opening and I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas. The thrill of the unknown and the fear of finding a little piece of coal (or lack of students) on my yoga mat in the morning is surely making for an interesting Tuesday. I have made my lists and checked over them more than twice. The mats and props are neatly hung just waiting for new students to eagerly play with them. And like most kids on Christmas I’m still struggling with believing that The Yoga Mat is actually for real. Before it strikes midnight I wanted to thank all the reindeer that have carried the sleigh thus far. They never get enough credit and they deserve to be thanked! They’ve made this potentially scary ride an amazing trip and I couldn’t have done it without them:

Jared Hardy

Mom & Mark

Dad & Karla

Blaire & Abby

Jess White

Marco Merced

Kate McQuail

Jorge Iván

Tara Webber

Amanda Olsen

Carolyn Johnson

Rashin D’Angelo & Jeramiah Larsen

The people of Green Spaces Colorado

My dedicated regulars: Kate & Brad Umbaugh, RJ Owen, Brok McFerron, Elliott Wynne, & Dorothy Benususan

Great Divide Brewing Company

Wines Off Wynkoop

The Denver Westword


One response to “The Reindeer Never Get Enough Credit

  1. Hey Erin! Your new space looks fabulous! So sorry I will miss your opening but I will be there “On the Mat” Friday morning. I love your new studio!!!!

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