Day 434

I recently watched Lemonade, a documentary about people in the ad world who had been laid off and because of it changed their lives by doing what they loved. They no longer had to worry about click-through rate, the size of their clients logos, or arguing about whether Pantone swatch 109 is really a “happier yellow” than PMS 110.

I could really relate…after working at Renegade, a marketing and ad agency for a mere 2 years, I was laid off over the phone while I was thousands of miles away for Thanksgiving break. I could have been sad, discouraged, and scared or I could view this change as an opportunity to figure out what I really needed and more importantly, what i wanted from my new career. Don’t get me wrong, waiting in line at the unemployment office in the middle of Brooklyn wondering what I was doing with my life wasn’t a high point but I had an opportunity to choose my next move. And of course I didn’t think it was just ironic that I finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training only 1 week before or that the definition of renegade is “to break away from established customs.” Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something?

Fast forward 434 days and here I stand or should I say, in Tadasana, wrapping up my first day teaching a yoga class for my very own yoga studio. I used to be an employee of Renegade, working in a high-rise building in Manhattan. Now I’m in Colorado showing students how to reconnect and enjoy the simple things. I am happier than ever, doing what I love and so thankful for the pink slip that made it all possible.


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