My Very Own Baby Sheneneh

As of Monday I registered my first business as The Yoga Mat, LLC. I had been throwing around names for a year or so but finally got serious and put pen to paper. Everything I heard and saw became unwillingly squashed next to the words Yoga Studio in hopes I would stumble upon the perfect name. I was mentally exhausted.

This whole process reminds me of when my step-mom was pregnant with my sister Blaire. Prior to her birth we had no idea how to refer to her so eventually we went with calling her Baby Sheneneh, as in Sheneneh from the popular 90’s show Martin. Ridiculous I know. How did we ever convince my step-mom to nickname her unborn child after the cross-dressing, sassy weave technician, Martin Lawrence? Needless to say Blaire ended up with plenty of sass…Sheneneh would be proud.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about my nameless business as the “Sheneneh Yoga Studio.” I knew it would never catch on and wouldn’t be properly appreciated…much like the 2010 version of Martin Lawrence. So what is in a name?

Oddly enough in my case, after weeks of late night brainstorms I  realized I had been sitting on the name the entire time (literally)…The Yoga Mat. Simple, inclusive, minimalist and a blank slate. It was perfect. Each person brings their own story to the mat, their own reason for being there, and most importantly their own practice.

Much like a new parent, I am excited for the future. Elated, proud, and scared to death at the same time. I’m excited for the journey and hoping I don’t screw this one up.


6 responses to “My Very Own Baby Sheneneh

  1. So proud of you!

  2. I was kind of thinking you were going to call it “Mookie’s Mat”. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Maybe not.

    You are off to a great start and with your energy and positive attitude, great things will follow!

  3. I think I read every single post on your blog…it was so interesting! I look forward to hearing more…and thank you for sharing yourself!

  4. I am very excited for you in your new venture. It sounds like a lot of work, but it should be very rewarding to you in knowing you have succeeded. Lots of luck…

  5. I’m loving your writings, Er-Bear. As Lynn said, you’re sharing yourself and your feelings with all of us. I love the new name “The Yoga Mat”.

  6. Best of luck with your new business. Of course anybody who went to school in Kansas will have to do great. Looking forward to the next family Christmas party, when you can get us all down doing yoga.

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