26 and Standing Tall

n16808924_39213065_6728Today is my 26th birthday.

Looking back at last years events feels a little eerie and as my friend Rick might say “il pasticcio” or a massive helping of “happy chaos”. In a years time I have become certified to teach yoga and left advertising and marketing to follow my passion to teach. It was the scariest and the most rewarding choice I have ever made. My relationship with my live-in fiance came to a screeching halt after 9 months of planning the big day and I was forced to deal with some harsh realities that have made me nothing but stronger and happier. Then I chose to leave my “home” in NY for a life I was waiting to lead in Boulder, CO. In a mere 365 days my life has been flipped upside down. I have reconnected with old friends, made many new ones and seen so many things in that one year. In NY people like to say you are always looking for either an apartment, a job, or a boyfriend…and in my case they hit me all at once.

But today, at age 26, I’m still standing. Perhaps even a little taller (partly thanks to the yoga).I have realized so much about myself and others in the process and I can honestly say that 26 will be a damn good year…


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