Embracing the Complexities

ErinI’ve been traveling lately…apparently lots of time in the car, singing to 80’s music, and exploring can do wonders for the soul. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been in Napa Valley, Yachats, Portland, Mount Hood, Washington, Kansas City and I’m off to Boulder and Denver next week.

While I was in Napa I went to Mumm vineyard to try some of their sparkling wines and they placed 3 glasses on the table from youngest to oldest. Our waitress explained that if we tasted them in sequential order we might be able to taste the subtle changes in the wine as it aged. In her words “aging brings complexities.”

Once we tried all of the wines, I couldn’t help but identify with the 2nd glass…the one in the middle. Here I am healing and dealing with some intense emotions but like our waitress said…aging adds some odd but beautiful complexities to our lives. I’m definitely not the youngest glass but I’m not the oldest either. I’m somewhere in the middle…in transition. But if complexities can be this interesting and pretty damn tasty then I guess aging isn’t so bad after all.


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