A Beautiful Shade of Green

189229548_e2fe24c06bWhen you fall down you typically bruise. A sign of trauma to the body.

During my time practicing yoga I have woken up to numerous bruises…sensitive to the touch, paranoia of being hit in that one particular spot, wondering how you always manage to knick it right on the corner of the coffee table when you walk by. 

It may only be broken capillaries near the skin or it could be something much deeper. 

After leaving New York last week and settling back in St. Louis for a “change of scenery,” I’m starting to notice that I’ve been protecting a really deep bruise. Carefully walking around our apartment and New York trying to avoid the sharp edges…topics of conversation, certain landmarks, restaurants, songs, and times of day. 

So here I am, back in St. Louis where I started, giving the bruise time to heal. Of course there isn’t any over the counter quick fix or QVC purchase that can make it better, but I’m hoping that this bruise starts fading to a nasty but beautiful shade of green soon…if I could only stop running into the damn coffee table.


One response to “A Beautiful Shade of Green

  1. all good wishes to you during this next journey.

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