Heart Openers for Broken Hearts

2931747329_14aafb9c54I went to class at Laughing Lotus tonight. I thought a hard and sweaty asana practice would help me release some tension and cleanse me of all the stuff I’m carrying around. Of course the class felt like it was made for me considering the theme was about letting go and exploring new obstacles that scare you. I had a lot to share.

The teacher started her class by making all of us call and respond the Sanskrit and English translations for the Heart Sutra…

“Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone Completely Beyond, Praise to Awakening”.

The class was filled with poses that were physically challenging and heart openers that feel emotionally impossible at the moment. I couldn’t help but wonder how many other yogis in the class were going through a breakup and were wincing at the thought of flashing their hearts around for everyone to see.

I may need to ring out my mat after tonight’s practice, but damn it felt good to be completely gone.

The Heart Sutra Translations
गते गते Gate gate [gəteː gəteː] Gone, gone
पारगते Pāragate [pɑːɾə gəteː] Gone beyond
पारसंगते Pārasaṃgate [pɑːɾəsəŋ gəteː] Gone completely beyond
बोधि स्वाहा Bodhi svāhā [boːdɦɪ sʋɑːhɑː] Praise to awakening.

One response to “Heart Openers for Broken Hearts

  1. Heads up!! There’s a lot to come.

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