Yogaglo at Home

Picture 1This is genius. Derik Mills, created Yogaglo, a website that allows you to pay $18 a month to get on-demand yoga classes in your home. The website is really simple and user-friendly, allowing you to choose from teachers, levels, styles, duration and category (Inversions, Gentle Yoga, Workshops, etc). The videos are shot in their Santa Monica studio so if you live in the area you can either choose to go to the real class or watch one on TV. I know other websites like this exist, but this is by far the best presentation. It’s so clean and simple to use, it’s not taken over with annoying ads, and the videos are shot as if your mat is taking up space in the back of the room. Not your typical yoga DVD format.

Of course doing yoga with your remote will never beat the real thing. No sense of real community, no hands on adjustments or personal feedback, no growing teacher / student relationship. But if you are feeling apprehensive about starting yoga in a studio, what a great alternative without adding fear.

Check out the site and let me know what you think!


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